Tuesday, January 13, 2009

for dad

loneliness overtaken by company
emptiness overtake by fulfillment
sorrow overtaken by joy
bitterness overtaken by optimism
butterflies, they flutter around
feeling queasy yet happy 
content to the highest level
my whole life you were there...

knowing i can live to be what i please
you make me smile day in and day out
with ever hug and embrace
every kiss and hold of a hand
every step of the way
letting me tumble hard 
so i learn not to fall
my whole life you were there...

chin up 
sit straight
love myself
and love you, then, now, and forever


Sunday, December 7, 2008


clouds part
sun shines
skies blue

life brightens up and souls revive
people begin to rub theirs and awake
from the slumber of a cloudy day
responding to the warmth
sluggishly they walk out in to day
like coming out of hibernation 
they rejoice
its a lovely day.. a lovely day

Saturday, November 29, 2008

well not that anyone read my poems cuz no one cept my bro and best friend care... but thats kool anyways i just wanted to say that im gunna be really busy for the next three weeks so probably no poetry for a while im even thinking of closing this page... ya

-written artist

Monday, November 24, 2008


hello world... lol 


i hope every one is going home for this holiday and gaining about 10 lbs. each eating that good turkey. but.. for me i get to spent time with my sister that i have missed for a long time. Also hope to gain some love and inspiration form all of that and translate it into my poetry so you guys will have have something new to read

Have a Good 4 day weekend =]

-heart art writer 

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama '08 and a next-day disappointment in my University

so im soooo happy beyond measure that i voted for the first african-american prez EVER!!!!

but waking up this morning to read the Daily Wildcat [school paper] i was sadden and somewhat offended by a political cartoon posted. the picture is added below.

the thing that angered me the most was that when a group of students confronted the editor, she acted as if she had no idea it was there, so that means she didn't even do her job as the editor in chief! quoting her "my best friend is black" claiming that since she has an african-american best friend that she is automatically off the hook. also to be treated as a joke by her, its an insult to the student body and to the african-american students on campus... 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sleepless night

reaching into the deep depths of my mind
for sleep that has been winning at hide-n-seek
i look up and see the moonlight shine through my blinds
the white light shines so clear and serene 
that i could just float up on the cloud i call my pillow
out and feel the glow of the moon, hoping to lull me to sleep
in the emptiness of the space around me 
two stars to have as earrings so i can forever have their glow
I was some where between consciousness and a dream
I eased back into my bed slowly like  feather
in a motion, right and left, gone in the comfort of my blanket
finally at ease, at rest, at peace
of a moons glow and two stars shine

Monday, September 29, 2008


when there is a void in your life...
how do you fill it?
when you have that thought deeeeeeeeeeeeeep back in your mind
so far back you dot even know whats bothering you
but you are indeed bothered
new world
new globe
new hair
new clothes
even bought a new fresh pair of Nikes
and ya got a good deal
75% off with a coupon
but ya still have that VOID stamp on your brain
like some one stealing your identity
but instead of trying to take your money
they are stealing parts of your life
or like when ya spouse tells you that they love you
when both of you know that it should have ended years ago
or even like when you own sibling is never there for you when ya need them
thats a void i can deal with but is this the same "V" word thats bothering me
lingering in my mead and never paying rent!
trudging away in my skull acting like it owns the place
some times i wonder if im strong enough of a landlord to stick up for my self
and kick void to the curb
but it makes me feel spineless
so i guess all i need is to keep drinking my milk for strong bones...
ya maybe that will work?
or i can be like that crazy lady throwing her "ex" boys clothes out the window screaming I HATE YOU for the whole neighborhood to hear
ya void .... im kicking you out today!